North Carolina

Where or when does this stop?

This week the city of Atlanta announced $192 million of upgrades for their NBA arena, paid for by the city and the team.  This money provides such “features” as: TopGolf simulator, barber shop and more bars and clubs.

This begs the question……WHY?

If this is the “New standard”, count me out.  I understand the concept of improving the game day experience, but in my opinion, these kind of items are way over the top and have completely “jumped the shark”.  The city of Charlotte has plans to start discussing changes to their Arena in 2019.  At this rate, I am scared to see what topics may be on the table. 

I don’t want to leave NFL stadiums out of this discussion.  They are no different or any better.  Does this stadium make the game any better OR does it just give owners more money (from fans) to justify spending on players?

Am I missing the value of these kinds of improvements to sports venues.

One final question….at some point, the Carolina Panthers will have to discuss stadium changes/improvements. What could possibly be on the table at that time, how much will it cost and who will pay for it?


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